If the locals don’t get you, the reef will!

\”If the locals don\’t get you, the reef will!\”
All systems go, studio at the bay.. The view is not as good from my office as the last spot, but the all-included amenities are much better. and the scenery out back is astounding. I\’m at the classic but notoriously localized barreling left point.. After surfing the sloppy right by myself, I paddled over to the crowd, where indeed it was pumping, and indeed an angry bald guy tapped the tail of my board as he paddled by, glaring and talking shit in French.. but since I had no idea what he was saying.. i gave him the silent treatment, a square eye, and shook my head \”no,\” and he paddled off.. I managed to airdrop an exploding nug that escaped the crowd but then went down hard.. I think I might just contain my activity there to first and last light only.. woohoo!! ..so here i am, for the next 2.5 months!! ??? www.StudioWithView.com